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Finding the Gardens

We are located in Cerro Plano, a 20 minute walk or short cab ride from downtown Santa Elena. The map below shows the location of The Gardens and some nearby landmarks, and directions for getting here are below. To view a larger map, click here: Monteverde Butterfly Gardens.

To get a taxi, simply go to the taxi bank in town and ask for the Butterfly Gardens. "El Mariposario por favor" will get you to the right place. The drivers in Monteverde are generally fair and consistent with their pricing.

The walk from Santa Elena is short but straight up the mountain, so daunting if you have luggage! Walk out of town on road 620 (there is no road sign, so study the map!) towards the Monteverde Preserve. Trek up the hill past the Serpentario and carry on until you reach a school on your right. Take the gravel road on your right just before the school. Walk until you see a sign for the Butterfly Gardens, then follow that!