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About Us

Here at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens, we have been teaching people about Costa Rica's insects and arachnids for over 20 years. We have made it our mission to change the way people think about these small, misunderstood creatures. This may seem like a daunting task, but our bugs and tour guides can win over even the most skeptical visitor!  With up to 30 species of butterfly in 4 different habitats, over 20 species of live insects and arachnids in our nature center, an active leaf-cutter ant colony and the best guides in the business, we truly have something for everyone!

Nestled in the mountains of Monteverde and just off the beaten path, our centre is the perfect setting for learning new things and conquering old misconceptions. On our three-acre property you will find not just our captive insects and arachnids, but also an abundance of Costa Rican wildlife including White-faced Capuchin Monkeys, Agoutis, Coatis, Toucans, Motmots and many others. Whether you choose to search for every last butterfly or relax on our terrace and enjoy the view, your visit to The Gardens is sure to surpass your expectations!

We are open 365 days a year, so drop by whenever you can!

Meet the Owners

Bryna and David are excited to welcome you to the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens! They are always striving to make your experience at The Gardens better, and welcome any and all feedback. Be sure to say hi if you see them on your way through!



Bryna Belisle hails from Quebec, Canada. She has pioneered environmental education programs in Canada, South Africa and Costa Rica. Bryna worked as a manager at The Gardens for over a year, and when the opportunity arose to become a co-owner she jumped at the chance! Finding an ideal business partner in David, she took the plunge in 2012. Bryna loves sharing her passion for nature, and getting her hands dirty in search of nature's creepiest and crawliest!




David Makynen is a tax-man turned farmer turned environmental educator from Massachusetts, USA by way of Ontario, Canada. David is a jack-of-all-trades and can just as likely be found delivering tours as building new features or tending the gardens. When Bryna presented the opportunity to take on a far-away butterfly garden, he couldn't help be jump on-board! David loves sharing all facets of the natural world, especially with his nature-loving son Eli.